How the Loss in Weight System Works

1-140611144301528There are those instances in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food industries where a product under preparation requires very accurate feeding of ingredients. Most micro ingredients have a great effect on the quality of the final product. For such ingredients, the highest accuracy has to be observed throughout the production process. The loss in weight system of feeding crucial ingredients is the best solution to ensure recipes are followed to the letter and every ingredient added in very accurate proportions. Most ingredients used in the industries mentioned are often very expensive and can quickly drive up the cost of production if wastage occurs.

This is a batch feeding system that enables accurate weighing of every ingredient. Simultaneous feeding of major and minor ingredients in accurate proportions eventually lower the batch cycle times resulting in a more efficient production process.

This system monitors the weight loss of the system as the ingredients are dispensed. It then controls the feed rate including the start /stop function of the entire system ensuring that the loss in weight occurs at the desired rate. This is by far the best way to deliver several ingredients accurately and within very little time. Learn more about the loss in weight system at the page

Mordern feeders use a single-screw feeder, which makes it possible for a more even delivery of ingredients, and increased automation resulting in improved quality of the final products. Here are some of the features of a good Loss in weight system:

Round the Clock feeding Mode

Such a system works well in very busy plants that have considerable degree of automation. A 24 Hour feeder is able to deliver a constant and stable flow rate with very minimal supervision leaving you free to monitor other crucial areas of the batch cycle. Visit this website to get details.

State of the Art Control system

A good control system is very crucial in any feeder. A system that gives you the ability to control each feeder according to specific requirements, making it possible to alter feed rate of multiple feeders, where need be, increases efficiency and quality. Modern feeders even feature a touch screen interface that makes control much easier.


To improve stability, feeder designers usually add a detection system that will notify you of any variation in the feeding system. Some of the main causes of such variations may include wear and tear of system parts, altered accuracy after replacement of crucial parts or undesired operation resulting from continues usage. A stable system withstands all these factors and has the highest degree of tolerance.

Diverse Measuring Choices

Feeders with more diverse measuring options have wider use; this means increased capabilities of the entire system, which in turn saves you costs of having to purchase multiple equipments for different purposes. More about the loss in weight system at the website Livi machinery.

Other qualities to look out for in Loss in Weight systems include small volume for easy changing and adjustment of the production process, Easy to maintain systems with shorter maintenance time and Low Noise operation.

There are several types of Weight in loss feeders for all kinds of batch feeding applications these days. What this means is, no matter the type of batching you want to do, whether for liquids, gasses or powder, you can find just the right system for your applications.

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